The Importance of parental influence of youth engagement: How much influence do parents have and how do you reflect this in campaigns to children and young people? This episode we're extending this to talk about the role of parents and teachers, two of the most significant influencers on children and young people in their day-to-day lives. 

Amanda Vernalls, Head of Research & Insight at the Youth Sport Trust (YST), talks about the importance of these influencers when it comes to perhaps one of the biggest life skills going - being physically active. 

In their recent research, the children's charity have looked at the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions on Children and Young People as well as what teachers perceived to be some of the biggest issues students were dealing with as they returned back to school following the first lockdown.

Amanda shares her thoughts on how teams can better develop campaigns by understanding their target audiences through research and why these key influencers in children and young peoples' lives are important to consider when wanting to engage young people. 

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